4 of the top 5 most wanted tech gadgets this holiday season are Apple products

Gazelle, a company that buys and sells pre-owned consumer electronics, is out today with the results of a survey revealing which tech gadgets consumers have put at the top of their holiday lists.

More than 180 million shoppers are expected to take advantage of Black Friday deals this holiday season, and if the Gazelle results offer any guide, around 45 percent of them will be either buying — or hoping someone buys for them — a smartphone. When you break down the list even more, into some of the other top products consumers are hoping for this holiday season, what it also shows is that four of those five top products belong to Apple.

Some 30 percent of overall consumers will be hoping for electronic devices as gifts, according to Gazelle’s data, which the company says means that retailers will “need to truly surprise and delight shoppers this year to earn their smartphone, tablet and computer sales.” In terms of the smartphones that those consumers want, it’s a near-even split between new Samsung Galaxy and iPhone devices (23 percent versus 22 percent, respectively).

Those are the two most hoped-for consumer electronics, per Gazelle, with a Samsung Galaxy in the number one spot followed by the iPhone. Rounding out the next three spots on that list of the top five are the Apple Watch (17 percent of consumers), an iPad (16 percent) and a MacBook (14 percent). All told, in other words, around 70 percent of respondents to Gazelle’s survey are hoping for an Apple product of some kind this holiday season.

Another way you can slice the list is that among these top five most wished-for products, there’s almost an even split between those who want a smartphone of some kind (45 percent for either a Galaxy or iPhone) and those who want a non-smartphone gadget like a laptop, smartwatch or tablet (47 percent, in total).

No doubt there’s going to be lots of tech gadgets under Christmas trees this year and fueling heavy Black Friday buying traffic. Speaking of which, details about this year’s Black Friday deals are already starting to trickle out from a variety of retailers, and Gazelle likewise has a number of Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials lined up and ready to go, including among its offers that run Nov. 23-26: 25% off an iPhone X, 30% off an iPhone 8 Plus, 15% off an iPhone 7 Plus, 30% off select MacBooks and MacBook Pros and 30% off the iPad 3 and 4.


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