Facebook Launches Time Management Tool For Mobile App

Facebook launched a new tool that allows users to monitor how much time they spend in social networking applications. Users can also receive alerts when they exceed a predefined time limit.

You can now see how much time you’ve spent on the Facebook mobile app in the past seven days. Data can be found in the “Your time on Facebook” section under “Settings and privacy” in the apps list. Users can set daily reminders to alert them when they reach a predetermined time limit. For example, if you do not want to spend more than 30 minutes on Facebook every day, you’ll be notified by a notification each time you exceed this daily limit. However, you can change the limit at any time.

Facebook also offers a shortcut to various newsfeed preferences, allowing users to tailor their experience with options such as prioritizing posts from certain friends or unfollowing people to hide their posts without unfriending them.

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