Google Chrome in Android may get an Explore feature

Google appears to be testing a new feature called “Explore” on Chrome for Android. Once completed and implemented, this feature should appear on the New Tab page when you open the Chrome browser. As the name suggests, it will give users new websites that are relevant to the user’s taste. It’s not clear whether Google will make recommendations based on local or user browsing habits. Knowing Google, the latter is expected to happen.

This feature is currently in beta but can be enabled in your browser. Please note that anything you see may be different from what is in the final version. To enable the new “Explore” feature, start the Chrome browser on your Android smartphone and go to the URL: chrome://flags tag to sign in to the “Experiment” page. In the search box, type “Browse” to find a tagged item named “Site Review.” Click the combo box below the name to set the value to Enabled. Restart Chrome. On the New Tab page, you should see the “Explore” section now.

It’s unclear whether Google will choose to keep this new feature. As with many of these features that enable science, by default no “new tabs” will ever enter your browser. This seems of course a way to browse more people. If you’re fully prepared and fully functional, you can look to explore some of the pages you want to visit and the information you’re looking for. Train schedules you might want to quickly reach and websites that have not been visited before are just a few examples.

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