Google Pixel 3, Google Home Hub, Pixel Slate and more

The third annual Google hardware extravaganza is kicking off in just a day. On October 9 at 11am, Google will show off its next flagship smartphone, the Pixel 3, along with a few other products. The new Pixel phone is usually the headline launch at these hardware events, but Google often announces four or five other products alongside the new phone.

The Pixel 3 and 3 XL

Right now, the Pixel 3 might be the tech world’s worst-kept secret. There have been over 20 (!) individual leaks since June, and some sites have even done full reviews already. Apparently, Google and/or Foxconn lost an entire box of pre-production Pixel 3 XLs, and the units have been circulating on the Ukrainian black market for $2000 a pop. Other than the retail price, there’s not much we don’t know about the Pixel 3.

The Google Home Hub

Speaking of smart displays, Google launches its smart-display software this year, creating a Google Assistant-powered answer to the Amazon Echo Show. This is basically a Google Home with a screen, which has a special display used for things like smart-home functionality, photos, weather, timers, and YouTube.

The Google Pixel Slate

From the Chrome OS side of the street, expect some kind of sequel to last year’s Pixelbook. Again, earlier Google software releases are driving Google hardware releases at this event. Chrome OS has been slowly building up a Chrome OS tablet mode, so we should see some kind of Chrome OS tablet—detachable or otherwise—at the extravaganza.

A new Chromecast and new Pixel Buds?

We know a third-gen Chromecast is coming, because it’s already in stock at some Best Buys. What we don’t know is how big of a deal it is or if Google will even mention it at the event.

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