Huawei testing Google’s Fuchsia OS on Kirin 970

As we all know, Google is now testing the Fuchsia operating system for months, though it never spoke publicly about it. He predicts that in the end, Fuchsia will replace Android fully and may even replace Chrome OS. Although we do not know anything about the operating system, we now know that Huawei may be the first OEM to launch the Fuchsia operating system.

The company claimed to have tested the operating system in the Honor Play game. A new introduction in the Magenta source code shows that Huawei successfully launched the Zircon core in the Honor Play game. Zircon core – separated from the Linux kernel Linux, based on the finished case will be the essence of Fuchia. Although it is far from complete or stable, it is still a good start.

The patch adds support for the HiSilicon Kirin 970 SoC to the Zircon kernel, and the Honor Play is one of the smartphones with this chipset. Apart from Honor Play, there is the Huawei P20 lineup, the Huawei Mate 10 lineup, the Honor 10, the Honor View 10, and more. However, this means nothing to the end user since Fuchsia is currently in an unfinished state and we have no clue when it will be. Right now, it is just a work in progress.

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