Huawei Y5 Lite Launched with Android GO

Huawei has just launched the Huawei Y5 Lite which is their latest Android GO phone. The phone also has decent enough specs to give you the most value for an Android GO phone which is supposed to be light on resources and offer a lot of benefits for people looking for a phone catered to the elderly or novice smartphone users.

You can see that the phones specifications are really nothing out of the ordinary for an Android GO Phone, but in the end this is a phone targeted towards people who just want a barebones smartphone. The most redeeming feature of the phone should be the battery of the phone which is at a sparing hefty 3020 mAh.

The phone comes loaded with Android 8.1 GO OS which offers lighter versions of bulkier apps like Facebook, Maps and YouTube that can run on very minimal hardware.

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