iPhone XS Max explodes in Pocket

Apple is facing a lawsuit from an Ohio man who claims his three-week old iPhone XS Max caught fire in his trouser pocket. Josh Hillard from Columbus, Ohio reported that he felt “large amount of heat” and ‘strange smell’ coming from his iPhone XS Max. Moments later, the phone started to emit green and yellow coloured smoke.

“Left no other option, I had to exit the room since there was a female in the break room with me and remove my pants. I ran to the boardroom where I got my shoes and pants off as fast as possible. A VP of our company put the fire out with a fire extinguisher because he heard me yelling,” Hillard.

Hillard said he had also contacted Apple to report the issue. The company representatives offered him a new smartphone. But, he is now planning to take legal action against the company.

“I was given no other option and was told that nothing could be done for me in store if they could not keep the damaged phone. I asked about my clothing and they told me that they could make no promises until the phone was captured. I left one hour before the store closed and unsatisfied with the customer service in store, I took back the damaged phone and returned home,” he further said.

The latest incident comes days after an iPhone X allegedly exploded while updating to the company’s latest iOS 12.2.1 update. Apple was quick to respond and called it not an “expected behaviour.”

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