Lenovo Z5s Leaked with Punched Hole

Lenovo seems to be working on another device for its Z5 family. The Z5 Pro was announced recently and now rumours have started floating showing a new Z5 to be under works. There are leaked hands-on photos of this new Lenovo device rumoured as the Z5s spotted on Sparrow News and it shows the device to have a notch, not in the shape of waterdrop like Oppo A7, neither like a bathtub sported by Google Pixel 3 XL but like a punched hole.

The leaked photos have their displays turned on, making it easier for us to see how the screen might look like. The display seems to have extremely thin bezels with rounded edges. Due to the screen size it seems that it might get a bit difficult to use the phone single-handedly.

There is an official poster out as well which according to GSMArena states the Lenovo Z5s may arrive in December. With Huawei planning to launch the Nova 3S with a similar approach to the front-camera, it would be interesting to see which brand gets to the finish line first.

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