MediaTek 5G modem comes before system on a chip

In the race to 5G, MediaTek seems to be mid-pack with the rest of the consumer field. The company has had some piques recently with the jockeying for Apple’s 5G baseband chip.

Meanwhile, MediaTek is chugging along. A recent conference call with CEO Cai Lixing has revealed that the company will have the 5G-capable Helio M70 modem available in the first half of next year. But, as GizChina reports, a fully integrated system-on-a-chip will not come until the second half.

The company has publicly prototyped its 5G infrastructure and will increasingly move more investment away from 4G as time progresses.

Qualcomm and Intel remain staunch adversaries for market share, though Intel will primarily be the competitor in getting the Apple job lot.

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