More than 54% companies developing 5G technologies

More than half or 54% of all companies have started developing 5G technologies with 16% already partially deployed, according to a survey on state of 5G by Keysight Technologies. The survey taken by 355 senior technology leaders and strategists from service providers and technology companies showed that global businesses are either already deploying 5G networks or plan to deploy them within the next 12 months.

And, 46% of respondents said that they are investing in 5G to secure market leadership. Moreover, 98% of the survey respondents reported that 5G is going to have significant impact, with the most respondents (63%) mentioning improved network reliability and latency as key efficiencies that 5G will bring.

The survey brought out that the top reason that companies are investing in 5G technologies is customer demand with 53% respondents suggesting it, followed by the need for a flexible and scalable network (50%). After telecom and technology, financial services emerged as the top industry which 37% respondents pointed to as a driver for the need of 5G technology.

When asked what the biggest benefits of 5G would be, 78% respondents said faster networks, followed by greater IoT enablement (64%) and connected car proliferation (38%). Furthermore, more than two thirds (of respondents said they are actively seeking 5G-capable testing solutions to support and accelerate the development or rollout out of 5G technologies.

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