OnePlus 7 to skip Wireless Charging Pete Lau confirms

At MWC 2019, OnePlus has showcased its working prototype of OnePlus 5G device, as promised earlier. However, fans were expecting a commercial 5G OnePlus device to be showcased at the event, but have settled for the prototype, at least for now. It is believed that the commercial 5G OnePlus device is said to be coming in the second half of this year. And, the device is considered to be costing more than the current OnePlus devices’ pricing $200-300$ more approximately.

Since the much anticipated 5G OnePlus device has finally been witnessed at MWC, this year, it is time to look into what the successor to the OnePlus 6 – the OnePlus 7 has to offer in the coming months. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has shed some light about the upcoming OnePlus device in an interview to CNET.

Well, this has to be taken with a pinch of salt – the OnePlus 7 will not be coming with wireless charging and will be featuring the regular fast/dash/warp charge for this years’ OnePlus devices as well, according to Pete Lau. He believes that the current OnePlus charging is still the best in the industry when compared to wireless charging.

However, according to the interview, Pete Lau believes wireless charging is far inferior compared to the OnePlus charging. He further states wireless charging is pretty slow wherein on the Oneplus users can get 50% of charge under 20 minutes and full charge merely in an hour – thanks to the Warp Charge introduced with OnePlus 6T Mclaren Edition.


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