OnePlus Crackables Mobile puzzle game starts in few hours

It is time to crack the code. Today is September 18 which means the game OnePlus announced last week is about to start. ‘Crackables’ is a game developed by OnePlus with friends from Google. When it was first announced, we weren’t sure how it would be played. Details were not enough and only given was a teaser video on YouTube showing a mysterious character. The main goal of this web-based mobile puzzle game is to crack a special code. You will be playing with many other players from all over the world so it will be really challenging.

A series of puzzles must be solved as fast as you can before you can move to the next level. It’s going to be a race so the chances of winning will definitely depend on your speed. The first round will focus on software while the second round will be on hardware.

Round 1 (Software Round) :

Round 1 is open to everyone. It must be finished within three days or less.

Round 2 (Hardware Round):

If you’re part of the first 1,000 players to complete the software round, you will proceed to Round 2.

The game must be played on a mobile device. Register with your Google account. You won’t be able to finish the first round in one sitting so you have to save the game.

How will you know if you win?

OnePlus will notify you.

Grand Prize:

The Ultimate Gaming Set Up–a Xidax PC, IWR1 IMPERATORWORKS Gaming Chair, and two LG 42.5 Monitors. Wow!

Source : OnePlus


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