OnePlus release its own TV in 2019

OnePlus is not the type of company that is afraid of exposing surprises. After just a few days, the company’s leading OnePlus 6T will not be equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack announcement. Company was release new keynote that OnePlus is developing an advanced flagship TV that can be launched in 2019.

OnePlus founder Pete Lau posted on the OnePlus forums that the company wanted to bring the “next level of intelligent connectivity to the home environment. For this, the company is building a new product with OnePlus’ “premium flagship design, image quality and audio experience to more seamlessly connect the home”: the OnePlus TV.

Mr. Lau said the OnePlus experience in building eight leading smart phones and OxygenOS laid the groundwork for building the OnePlus TV experience. According to him, the development of television is a “big step” in the OnePlus trip, but he took “deliberate and thoughtful.” The participation in the forum did not reveal more details about OnePlus TV.

However, Mr. Liu revealed his details about OnePlus TV’s vision of Business Insider. The newspaper quoted him as saying that his vision is to create a television connected to the smooth smartphone user. They also wants to add Smart AI assistant features, such as Alexa or the Google Assistant, but “more visible.”


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