Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Announced

Qualcomm has finally announced the mobile platform that will inevitably power some of the best smartphones of 2019. As usual, the new chip will be faster and more efficient than the chip it replaces. While details are scant – more information will be given out on today – what we do know is that the focus of the chip is on AI and 5G. Other highlights of the chip include a claimed 3x improvement in overall performance, thanks to a new CPU, GPU and DSP, and 2x improved AI performance vs the current competition.

Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner

Another interesting feature of the slide is support for a new generation of fingerprint scanners called the 3D Sonic Scanner. As the name indicates, the sensor uses sound waves (ultrasonic waves) to draw the three-dimensional finger. Since the sound can pass through the material, you can even place the sensor under the smartphone screen or device. Better yet, 3D fingerprinting means that the sensor will be more secure than the two-dimensional optical scanning technology we see on mobile phones, such as the recently released OnePlus 6T.

Improved AI performance

In terms of artificial intelligence, rumors suggest that the chip has a dedicated AI kernel, but has not been confirmed. Qualcomm confirmed that, like previous chips, the 855 will set the processing of artificial intelligence to the heart that fits the task at hand. This ensures effective use of resources and improved performance. This AI feature set contains a dedicated Computer Vision ISP. Simply put, this segment will help you get to know images faster in real time, which is very useful for artificial intelligence applications, but it can also be a boon for computational photography, which is what most smart phone cameras are heading towards.

Elite gaming

Elite gaming is another feature that Qualcomm touched upon at the summit. Again, details are scant, but Qualcomm did say that they’re working with game developers and makers of game engines (including Unity and Unreal Engine) to further optimise their platform for gaming.


Lastly, the new platform incorporates the X50 modem, which is key to Qualcomm’s 5G roadmap. 5G is a technology that can be hard to explain, suffice it to say that it is the future of wireless networking and goes far beyond anything that current 4G LTE networks have to offer. once it rolls out in your city, you’ll be very glad to have a phone that actually supports the network.

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