Samsung to mass-produce 12GB RAM chips

With time, smartphones are growing exponentially and new design and innovative features being put on the table on a daily basis. One of these trends is the growing amount of RAM on smartphones. Samsung recently launched its Galaxy S10+ which is the only device that has a 12GB RAM variant.

Time ago, Samsung launched its Galaxy S that featured 512MB of RAM, but now the minimum amount of RAM on the series is 6GB. It seems that the numbers will continue to expand and won’t stop anytime soon. Now, the company has announced that it has started mass-producing its new LPDDR4X 12GB DRAM chip.

However, the new chip will be reportedly smaller than the one seen on the current flagship, which combines 16-gigabit chips into a single module. The smaller chip will make space for bigger batteries or other components such as a 5G modem or an additional camera module.

Samsung also hinted in a press release that the new chipset could be found in the Galaxy S10 5G. The company is expected to announce the new chips just days ahead of its new flagship’s launch – Note 10.

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