Samsung will allow user to hide Galaxy S10 camera hole

Samsung is expected to launch its next-generation smartphone, the Galaxy S10, in early 2019. Although the launch of smart phones will not be fast, we have seen many gaps and rumors about the leading devices coming to the giants of Korean technology. Some leaks and rumors suggest that the Galaxy S10 will have a truly unmatched display design that hides the camera under the “New Infinity” screen to provide a full-screen smartphone for an improved viewing experience. Although some other leaks indicate that the device will use a “punch style”

Samsung’s design with a cut in the upper left corner of the screen seems to be very prominent. This seems to be an interesting way for the company to provide maximum screen display space. Some users may be concerned about the apparent slit in the upper-left corner of the device; however, Samsung may also offer a solution for this.

While we already have used the “hide notch” feature on most of the smartphones, it would be the first time that we will come around the display hole camouflaging. It would be interesting to see how Samsung achieves its target of hiding the display hole on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone.

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