Samsung Working on 600MP Camera Sensor

The launch of the Galaxy S20 Ultra Samsung equip its latest flagship with a 108-megapixel sensor. The joint highest for smartphones, this lens helped ensure that Samsung grabbed a lot of headlines over the last few months.

Apart from elevating the photography performance of the device, the lens also showed how the phone maker has evolved its camera technology at a rapid pace by upgrading from 12MP lenses to bigger lenses in a span of a few years.

Samsung has been working on improving pixel binning technology which has seen it develop large sensors like the much-used 64MP and 108MP sensors and now samsung looks to be working on a pixel binned lens with 600MP.

The information was revealed by Samsung’s Yongin Park, Head of Sensor Business Team, who announced Samsung’s plans to deliver small camera sensors capable of matching and exceeding the resolution of the human eye.

While the samsung has not given a timeline for the launch of this sensor, it does, however, hope the jump can be made in the near future.

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