Pete Lau explains the tech behind in-display fingerprint sensor in OnePlus 6T

OnePlus 6T will be heavily updated compared to the previous ‘T’ version of the OnePlus phone. Not only is the new display design possible, OnePlus will remove the headset jack and integrate the fingerprint sensor into the 6T screen.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau had earlier explained why the company is removing the heaphone jack, something the company strongly opposed at least till last year. Lau has now written a blog post on the OnePlus forum, explaining the new “Screen Unlock” technology on OnePlus 6T.

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Confirming rumours, OnePlus 6T will feature an in-display fingerprint sensor. This technology allows users to unlock the phone by simply tapping on the screen. While it seems obvious that this feature would mean no physical fingerprint sensor, OnePlus hasn’t confirmed on the same.

The new optical fingerprint module on the OnePlus 6T houses a small lens which will register one’s fingerprint as they press down on the glass. OnePlus assures security of fingerprint data by storing it in Snapdragon 845’s ‘Trust Zone’.


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