Vivo Nex 2 Leaks With Dual Display

Vivo NEX 2 leaked out a few days, now there is a new leakage of the image of the phone. These devices already exist on Weibo, these devices show smart phones front and back. This clearly shows that the smartphone will have two different screens, the main screen will be a larger screen, the secondary screen will be a smaller screen because it must accommodate the camera and back flash.

Depending on the leak, the second display will be performed to increase screen space. Users can use the back camera for personal pictures as they will help in the secondary screen display. This ensures that there are no limits on the device interface and can now be used anywhere in the groove. In addition, the device will have an RGB Moon ring that will be placed around the three camera settings at the back.

The Moon Loop will be used to notify users that they have any notifications and will issue a number of different colors. Well, the Vivo Nex 2 is also said to be equipped with a time scanning device that can scan 3D objects, including four-faced. This is very useful for Augmented Reality (AR) and will support all AR pickups.



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