WhatsApp launches for JioPhone (KaiOS) Devices in India

WhatsApp is is now available for JioPhone devices in India, which run on the Linux-based mobile operating system KaiOS.

The Facebook-owned messaging app has been available for iOS and Android device pretty much since its inception, but in recent years the company has been gradually winding down support for other platforms, including BlackBerry, Nokia’s Symbian, and Series 40.

JioPhone, for the uninitiated, is basically an advanced 4G feature phone from Indian mobile network operator Jio, which runs on the lightweight mobile operating system called KaiOS. The developers behind KaiOS, San Diego-based KaiOS Technologies, recently raised $22 million in a round of funding led by Google.

News emerged back in July that JioPhone would eventually support WhatsApp, while Facebook itself, YouTube, and Google Maps had already landed on the platform, so today’s announcement isn’t exactly a surprise.

“For the first time, WhatsApp will be available for JioPhone across India,” the company said in a blog post. “WhatsApp built a new version of its private messaging app for JioPhone, running the KaiOS operating system, to give people a simple, reliable, and secure way to communicate with friends and family.”


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