Adjust Launches updated Mobile Benchmarking Tool

Mobile Measurement and Prevention launched the second release of the Free Mobile Benchmarking Tool, which updated more complex metrics and broader data. The tool is designed to support marketers and publishers to better understand the mobile marketing environment.

After the update, the tool was one of the first tools to provide a specific KPI (such as session data disclosure) and was built on the initial toolkit launched this summer. It includes five new metrics and data from two quarters of the previous aggregated database of Adjust, which analyzes a set of more than 7,000 applications.

Because the time spent on a mobile device will soon increase on the TV and increase ad spend on the channel accordingly, understanding app performance and user behavior is critical to marketers who want to illustrate changes in user habits. New metrics included in the update include clickthrough rate (CTR), click-to-install conversion rate, cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM), cost-per-click (CPC), and fraud type assignments. The tool initially includes retention rates, cost-per-install, usage sessions, and fraudulent installation rates, and all metrics can be analyzed by quarter, column, acquisition type, platform, and region.

“All mobile marketers want to improve their apps’ performance, but finding the right data to inform marketing decisions can be a time-consuming and costly process,” said Christian Henschel, co-founder and CEO of Adjust. “Our benchmarking tool provides the insights needed to make smart, data-driven decisions, and after receiving great feedback from the industry on the launch, we’re very pleased to share expanded metrics and fresh new data with this second version.”

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