OnePlus’ 5G smartphone will not be 6T successor

OnePlus has already confirmed that it’ll be launching a new smartphone next year that will be 5G compatible. However, apart from that timeline, the company has not revealed anything else related to the device. Recently, the OnePlus spokesperson said to CNET that the OnePlus 6T successor, which could possibly be named OnePlus 7, won’t feature 5G compatibility. However, the company plans to kick off a line lineup of devices, which will also include the company’s first 5G smartphone.

The 5G smartphone from OnePlus is expected to be released in early 2019 and could possibly be unveiled during the Mobile World Congress in February next year in Barcelona, Spain. However, this is just a speculation and there’s no evidence yet to support this.

It seems that OnePlus‘ upcoming 5G smartphone will be expensive than its current lineup and the company doesn’t want to compromise on its “affordable flagship” mantra and thus, it’ll release a new lineup for the 5G device.

Also, if the 5G device actually turns out be an expensive one, we expect the company to offer a few other premium features as well, such as wireless charging. The company is also expected to opt for a different design language for the 5G device.

Another possible reason for a different lineup could be the company’s fear for the adaptation of 5G technology. Given that the previous and current lineup of smartphones from OnePlus have been highly successful, the company doesn’t want to risk that with a phone with new technology that could take more time for adaptation and slow its sales numbers.



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