Asus ROG gaming smartphone today

ASUS ROG gaming smartphone announced earlier this year is a great device. Thanks to the Snapdragon 845 SoC system and cooling system in the device, the ROG is actually one of the most innovative smartphones we’ve ever seen. What is more interesting is that ROG phones may be launched in India today during the TEGC 2018 Awards Taiwan Awards Awards in Mumbai.

While 15 teams will battle it out among themselves for the Ultimate Gaming Cup, the press invite to the event also states that Asus, one of Taiwan’s largest consumer electronics brand, will unveil a new mobile phone. It thus leaves little to imagination what it could be. A smartphone launch at a gaming championship is clearly a hint at a gaming smartphone.

If indeed it’s true, the ROG phone will be the first such gaming smartphone to come to India. There are other gaming smartphones as well catering primary to the Chinese market, which is considered the largest mobile gaming market.

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