WhatsApp working on vacation mode

WhatsApp is reportedly working on two new features ‘Vacation Mode’ and ‘Linked Accounts’. New feature will be released for Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating system platforms. The new ‘Vacation Mode’ is an extension of the company’s ‘Silent Mode’, which was recently rolled out to Android users.

The new ‘Vaction Mode’ hides any notification dots for muted chats on the app, which means the users will not see how many new messages are in the muted chats from the WhatsApp icon on the device. This new feature is pre-activated for all WhatsApp users with the latest update for the app.

The ‘Vacation Mode’ will take this feature a bit further and make muted archived chats stay archived even when new messages arrive. Currently, WhatsApp unarchives any such chats, when there are new messages to read. The report states that users will have full control over the feature through the notification settings panel of the app.

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