Black Shark 2 phone launching on October 23rd

Xiaomi’s sub-brand is launching the Black Shark 2 on October 23rd. Following the leaked promotional posters a couple of days ago, Black Shark has officially confirmed that it will hold a press conference on Tuesday, October 23. Additionally, the official posters confirmed that it is indeed a product launch event for the Black Shark 2 hardcore gaming smartphone.

Black Shark has released a pair of posters confirming the Black Shark 2 launch event. Both images deficit a silhouette of the gaming smartphone its main background. Looking at the images below, you can clearly see a thin line of speaker grille placed on the topmost of the front panel. The Black Shark 2 also has a thin neon green accent lining that runs around the body.

The second promotional poster on, on the other hand, display the bottom half of the gaming handset’s back end as well as “5 Days Left” description. One may wonder who is that good-looking guy on both posters? That’s Zhang Daxian, a Chinese actor and “King of Glory” mobile game tournament anchor who will be at the event.


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