JioPhone 3 Full Touch Smartphone in Making

It is clear that Reliance Jio has played an important role in the technology industry in the country. It has been a very famous service since the date of launched. In addition to these digital services, Jio phones and Jio phones 2 were later valued as premium phones with services such as WhatsApp.

Well, a new report showed that Jio Phone 3, is in production and is expected to be available by the middle of this year. According to the company’s report, it tells us that the new Jio Phone 3 will use a 5-inch touch screen unlike previous generations with T9 keyboards and QWERTY keyboards.

It is said to be a smart phone and not a distinctive phone; it is said that the device contains RAM of 2 GB and internal storage capacity of 64 GB plus a microSD extension. As for the camera, the Jio Phone 3 assumes a 5 megapixel rear camera and a 2 megapixel self-timer. The operating system on Jio Phone 3 is not yet known; however, the specifications of this phone indicate that we will become an Android Go phone.

In addition to its launch in June this year, sales will be one month after its launch, as mentioned in the report, and Jio Phone is expected to enter unconnected stores in August. For pricing, it is rumored that the price is about 4500 rupees, which is the standard price for this part of the market.

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