MediaTek Helio P90 Chip Announced

MediaTek announced the Helio P90 processor, which will likely end up in several upcoming Android smartphones that cost between $500 to $700. The Helio P90 represents the company’s latest effort to help device makers build feature-rich products that’ll be sold at more affordable prices. “The name of the game is to deliver flagship performance in the mainstream device range”.

The P90 can offer about a 15 percent CPU performance increase over the company’s older Helio P60 chip, which was unveiled in February. But the biggest improvements involve how it can power smartphone software that relies on artificial intelligence. According to MediaTek, the new silicon can offer four times the performance on AI-powered applications over previous Helio chipsets.

That’s important, given that many of the latest advancements in smartphones are relying on AI-driven algorithms to do facial recognition, identify objects in images, and edit your photos. With the P90 chip, midrange handsets will be able to run the same applications as well (assuming MediaTek’s claims about the processor hold up.) Among the baked-in, AI-powered features is noise reduction in lowlight images when taking photos, Mestechkin said.

The P90 is designed with eight CPU cores. Two of them are ARM Cortex A75 processors that’ve been clocked at 2.2GHz. The remaining six ARM Cortex A55 have been been clocked at 2.0GHz. For graphics, it uses an Imagination Technologies PowerVR GM 9946 GPU.

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