Samsung Bright Night Feature on Galaxy S10

We have seen Google debuting its Night Sight mode with its latest version of Pixel Smartphones (Pixel 3 / 3 XL) and now the South Korean Giant is planning to bring a similar feature on its upcoming Galaxy S10 flagship smartphone. Samsung will be calling this feature as Bright Night which will take on Google’s Night Sight and will work on similar nodes. Night Sight is a mode that will allow its users to take good quality images under low-light conditions also.

This technology has already been adopted by other smartphone makers also and call them with different names. For instance, Huawei calls its Night Mode while OnePlus calls Night-scape. Few reports suggest that Samsung will be calling this feature as Bright Night as found in the One UI code for Android Pie beta. The comments also mention that it brightens up this shot with Bright night, take bright pictures even in very dark conditions.

It seems that users can also take multiple photos in this mode and merge them to get clearer images even in the dark without the flash. The upcoming equipment is expected to be unveiled at the World Mobile Congress in February from February 24 to February 27, 2019. Well, we need to wait a few weeks to officially start the device and look forward to the package with many new features.

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